Orientation Day : On the day of their arrival, the students being new to the college, having no idea about the college campus, infrastructure and the whereabouts of the buildings including hostels and hospital facilities, are given orientation in order to make them aware of these and some other needed information.

Fresher?s Day & Talent Fest Day: : In order to welcome and make the students know each other and to exhibit their in born talents and their skills, a Fresher?s Day & Talent Fest Day is celebrated every year for the new students.

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Fresher’s Day & Talent Fest Day

Sports & Cultural Day: Students being busy every day and under much stress because of studies, need to release the steam by taking part in the indoor and outdoor games and sports. Competitions are conducted in sports and games every year. We believe in ?a sound mind in a sound body?. All the winners are awarded on the Annual Day.

Convocation Day: Every year alla the graduated outgoing students are provided graduation degree in a grand scale .

Independence Day & Republic Day: The national celebrations increase the patriotic spirit of each student. Students are encouraged to perform patriotic dances and events, march past, songs on national integration and drill displays are performed.

Teachers Day: ?Guru brahma ????? is our Indian tradition. We inculcate great respect and regard towards our Teachers. Devotion, gratitude towards Guru is the most important expression of a sishya in Indian culture and tradition. All the students are encouraged to exhibit their talents, give speeches and make the teachers feel honoured and respected on this day.

Onam Day & Deepawali Day: Regional celebrations are given much importance. Onam is a celebration of Kerala and Deepawali of A.P. On Onam day we have special vegetarian food preparations and Holy mass is celebrated by a Kerala Priest. On these days students are given an opportunity to perform cultural events.

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Onam Day & Deepawali Day

Christmas celebration: Christmas Carols are sung commemorating the birth of Jesus our saviour through the reenactment of the birth of Jesus. It is the most joyful day for the students.

Student Nurses Association (SNA): SNA is formed in PGF College of Nursing. Regular meetings are conducted by the student body who organize many activities. In future they will be taking part in state and national level conferences.

National Service Scheme (NSS): NSS unit as been approved and inaugurated by KNRUHS in PGF in order to get them involved in different service activites in the state.

Catholic Nurse Guild of India (CNGI):: It is one of the associations which helps the students to grow spiritually and be a help to others in their needs. National spiritual gatherings are attended by the selected body every year.

Lamp Lighting Day: This is one of the most important and happiest moments in the nursing course. After a few months of classes, before the students go for clinical practices to hospitals, the first year students are made to recite the nurses pledge before the assembly on lamp lighting ceremony, which is attended by priests, nuns and parents.

On this day the students light their own candles from main candle stand and recite the pledge of Nightingale.

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Lamp Lighting Day

International Nurses Day: florence nightingale is the founder of Modern Nursing. International Nursing day is celebrated on the day of her birth i.e on 12th May of every year.

National Pulse Polio Day: To eradicate polio, pulse polio day is conducted nationwide twice in a year. The students of PGF College of nursing take part in pulse polio programme, and are much appreciated for their services.


  • Qualified and experienced Principal.
  • Qualified fulltime and dedicated faculty.
  • Secure Hostel facility managed by sisters.
  • Peaceful and safe atmosphere
  • Well equipped permanent labs, library etc.
  • 200 beded hospitals with all specialties.
  • Well established own college and hostel buildings in ten acres of land.
  • Greenary all around our college.

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